Ehehhe nice effect

How many of you already wanted do paint your room in...blue sky? :p


Discover yourself in outterspace



You gotta love this one!

amazing isn't it? :p


Adidas street stunt

Everything goes, when buzz is the key-word.

taken from invisiblered.blogspot.com


The Oscar Winners List is leaked on the net

Nobody knows if it's true or false, but I think that there's a new strategy, when we talk about online campaigns. And it's called "Leaking". Happened to U2's latest album, and now this. Well, true or false, here it is!

PS - After watching the ceremony, the fact is that the list was a bogus. Still, that didn't stopped us to watch one of the best ceremonys that we can remember. So, PR stunt or not?


That's what 500 dollars and 2 fans do when they like a videogame

The result? 1,5 millions views in the first 24 hours.

Better than any other promotion. Best of all, it's free for the brand!
Half-Life rulz!


Real or Fake?

Is he wacko? or is it a publicity stunt? It is known that this type of programs are often used by the TV networks, not to "interview" celebrities, but to promote, which is, in fact, the same thing. Still, Joaquin Phoenix, former actor, now a musician, did a hell of a job on Letterman last week. Or not? Check for yourselfs. It's the doubt that made me post this here. If it's promotion, damn, he's good! Both of 'em.


A true, true message!

A stunt, staged in New Zealand, staged a fake accident, saying that...well...watch the video! It's great.

taken from invisiblered.blogspot.com


Shiatsu is good for your back

At least, it looks like it!


Love written is an eternal love

Torke Agency and Editorial Presença, a book publisher, made a partnership to promote the publisher's books. The idea, "Love stories are written everywhere. Read the most beautiful ones in our books", consisted in placing a frame around several love grafittis in Lisbon, so they could have the visibility that they deserved for Valentine's Day. It was created an online museum in www.museupresenca.blogspot.com (link here)so people could know the routes where the frames were placed. A promotion was up, offering books to whoever made the route taking pictures next to the frames. Cool!


Scotch Brite

Now that's absorbent! In order to enphasize its super-absorbent characteristics, Scotch Brite did this in public-drinkers. Funny!


Coolest stunt from Improv

Oh man, so simple, so cool. Why not? That's Improv Everywhere!

whispered by Hugo Tornelo, check is work in this link


Don't forget to brush your teeth

Love it! A Colgate advice :p


When Tilt-Shift meets Stop Motion

Tilt-shift is a image retouching technique that looks like we're watching miniatures, when it is, in fact, live footage. Stop motion...well we all know what it is. The mix, is just brilliant! Take a look!

Metal Heart from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

If you wanna know more about Tilt-shift, go to www.tiltshiftmaker.com


Great integrated campaign

To promote the upcoming disaster movie "2012", Sony Pictures is promoting a series of online features regarding the end of the world. Intriguing and very credible.
If you wanna know more on what is 2012, Google it, and you'll find out about an ancient prophecy!

The site that teaches how to survive the year


The movie poster

The blog that prepares us for the worst


The video in the blog


Extreme Sports guerrilla

If there's snow, there's Extreme Sports. Clever guys! Thank you St. Peter for the free media!

Taken from invisiblered.blogspot.com


Women are wild

At least, in times of sales! Always loved the Harvey Nichols ads.


Against all odds...New U2 video!!!!

Watch that tan

An Ambre Solaire advice.


I'm sorry, but THIS is the best video ever made

Altough the previous post is still pretty good, this one tops it. Maybe because of the Origami and stop motion thing...amazing!

Origami In the Pursuit of Perfection from MABONA ORIGAMI on Vimeo.