Interesting to say the least...

Trends and people. The two 'things' that makes us move, right?


New U2 album

Is coming out March the 2nd, 2009. It will be called "No line on the horizon" and the boys promise to be a record with a groundbreaking sound. Can't wait.



Magnetic billboard that people could toss coins at it. It was for a NPO, to gather some donations. Imagine a person with a ladder. Rich...in a day! :p


Run for your life!

Ambush for the deo bran AXE, in some countries, LYNX. That guy, sprayed himself with the deo nad literally ran in front of a feminine race. A clear case of 'run for your life lad'!!!


Amazing...just amazing

Just look at what the London Tourism Office did in order to attract visitor to Trafalgar Square. Genious!


Ice cold magazine

Brazilian beer "Sol" freezes everything it touches. Now, they 'iced' and entire magazine for real. The magazine was sold really freezed, with a plastic layer protecting its content. I got stone cold with this one...:p

Nothing can stop them

The question is the most powerfull form of phrasing. And the BBC guys know that...


Havaianas hit the street...again

And always with a bang! Giving more colour to the streets and to everyone's life, Havainas can now be seen in NY's building walls. Great!


Now that's power

Huge plug, that's all i say. Huge...