Slim fast

Guerrilla campaign for a gymnasium in order to make people loose weight so they can sit there. Oh man, who can sit there?


Swedish reality show campaign

Use of a racket/billboard to make an impact on people passing by

Extended Hotel viral

Two words came into my mind when I saw this video. "Yuck" and "Effective". Definitely, the message is clear!

taken from invisiblered.blogspot.com


They don't know when to stop do they?

Yap. number 4 is coming! Johnny Depp is confirmed but his lady friend Keira or the metrogay Orlando aren't. So let's wait and see!


Seen before...

...but still priceless. Viral campaign for Diesel. LOL!

Watch here


Portuguese campaign for Quercus (portuguese environmental non-profitable organization) made by Mccaan. If at the beginning you find it boring, yawning and the animation rather 'comic-style', the final message leaves you thinking and a tad sad. After all, isn't that what advertising is all about? Cheers!


European Car Free Day

Or is it European Day Without Cars?

Well, nevertheless, the Oceanário de Lisboa, the second largest aquarium in the world wanted everyone to use public transportations, subway, bus and train to visit the fishy complex. Nice visual.


Protect your food

If you want to keep your food safe from other people, nothing better than make it look like its out of date. Yucky and effective.


IKEA Flash Mob

IkEA shoppers were stunned when they watched several dozens of people starting to partying in the middle of the store. The stunt was intended to remember the nightclub The Sanctury, demolished in order to build the IKEA shop in the same place. huuum...cunning!


Thinking the press ad

Nothing new. Most of the creative (and even media) agencies already thought about this form of using the page. Not always succeeded. That's why I love this one. The image speaks for itself.


Heart "Attack"

Portuguese campaign for the Fundação de Cardiologia. Oh man...This is the true heart attack.


The wait is over!

The image says it all. The biggest online game ever, World of Warcraft, with over 10.000.000 players worldwide, will have the long-waited expansion Wrath of the Lich King, released in the November 13th. Can't wait.

Cliff Diving

".On August 23rd, Hamburg played host to a extraordinary sporting event--urban cliff diving. The world’s top 10 cliff divers were assembled to compete in the 2008 Red Bull Cliff Diving Championship. What better endorsement for cliff diving than the energy drink that gives you wings?

Rather than jumping off of a cliff, divers jumped from atop a skyscraper. The acceleration from 0 to 90 km/h lasts only lasts 2.5 seconds.

Check out the video for footage of the winner, Colombian Orlando Duque.
Red Bull has totally nailed the extreme sports area with this stunt. If Carlsberg did extreme sports, I imagine they’d be like this".

Taken from Trendhunter


The Simpson's social responsability

Who better than Homer to tell us what to do, in the coolest way? even when the subject is...colonoscopy! Cool video from the most famous family in the world


New York's Fashion Week

Para comunicar o seu novo laptop, a HP decidiu aproveitar uma das maiores montras mundiais de tendências e de moda. Clever, clever...e ultra-fashion!



De vez em quando, o queixo cai...



O que há de errado nesta imagem?

Leiam o bodycopy...


Joker spoofs



Design de Equipamento

Quando a bolinha desta torneira está no centro, a água tépida é representada por luz branca. Quando está fria, azul. Quando está quente, arrisco um vermelho. Símbolos de sempre recriados pelas inovações do design de equipamento. Brilhante!