Prototype videogame

Nice mashup using the videogame's website and social network Facebook.
See it for yourself. (you have to have a Facebook account)

Here's the site. http://www.prototype-experience.com/ click it!


A great GREAT augmented reality!

I've posted some Augmented Reality stuff here. But this is really great!


Strengthen your dog!

Ahaha. Cute.


Let's all be VJ's with style

Zoogami Beer did an amazing website with a mashup of several web application.
Basically, you select a subject. Then, the website search for images on that subject, sounds from youtube and videos from Google Videos. You wait and...voilá. A new mashup so you can project it in a party, at home, everywhere! It's fantastic!

Here's the site http://www.zoogami.net/beer/ . Click it


Simon Schubert work

With plain paper...Damn, this is excellent!



It's not new. But i love it when it has a proper use! Like this. I love the smell of fresh car in the morning!


Carlton Draught = BIG stunts!

Hit your old car in the marked floor and WIN a new one!!! And the old man, gets 100.000$. What more can you ask for? THIS IS GREAT!


Axe - One girl per day

This stunt seems ghost, all over the place. Still it's a great idea. Specially if it was made on a college female frat dorm. :p


It's cool. It's IKEA

I used to be in love with press ads. Everyone one of them. Nowadays i'm picky. But when i like them, I LOVE them. And I love this.


Bloaty belly?

If you feel full, deflate yourself!



Greenpeace used Youtube to make a simple graphic about climatic changes due to the planet temperature increase. Quite simple, but quite powerful. See for yourselfs. Gratz to AlmapBBDO agency from Brazil.


When a brand becomes...the same brand

Weird title yes. But see this vídeo from Kit Kat and see how extraordinary is when a brand is so powerful and close to us that its product becomes a totally diferent one, under the same concept. This is amazing!



This must be the best piece of press ad i've seen in months. Great insight! Great 3D! Dulcolax nailed it big time! Just open up the image and see for yourself the details. There's a blind rat, a kid playing Mickey with a Mickey toy, a rat with braces, a rat stepping on another, a rat ill on serum, another preaching for the world's end. Oh my god. So good! Too bad it might be ghost. Nevermind...RUN FOR YOUR LIFES. POO is COMING!


Samsung trick revealed

Some weeks ago, a video showed a trick by using the new Samsung HD camera. This is how they did it. A strong 2.0 web "feedbacking" push the campaign this far. Cool.


50 cars = 1 bus

Good idea!