Law and Order series

Now this is a great way to use the environment!


Put it on water

And read!


Museum of Sex

Need to say more? :p Here's an invitation!


Diesel Black Friday

By giving notorious fake bills, Diesel communicated the -30% promotion in every purchase.


How did Ashton beat CNN?

Oh yeah. Ashton Kutcher reached 1 million followers before CNN. So, as promised, he's gonna bother Ted Turner at his doorstep. But how did he beat the nº1 media giant, in this new media competition? With good ol' fashion traditional media, advertising his twitter in more than 1000 outdoors across the USA.


It wasn't for IKEA. It was for Conforama

Remember those furnitures dropping with parachutes videos in Paris? Well it was supposed to be from IKEA, but it's for Conforama. It's very good, but it was better if they did this:
- videos were released and no one knew the brand;
- Conforama stepped in before the real brand, (supposedly IKEA)and took the momentum.

That would be waaaaaaay better...


Grill this!

Ahahha super cool!


Fake or not? Ikea?

You decide.

Some hours later, new video


Pure genious!

Here's the BMW's response to the Audi's teasing outdoor! You gotta love this sh*t!


Tiny URL = Smart website

Following the Twitter known short websites, Smart developed is own tiny website. On the spot!


Fresh bread on twitter

A french bread house or "patissérie" is twitting on when the bread is coming out from the hoven, really hot and tasty. This is what twitter is all about.

BakerTweet from POKE on Vimeo.


Pop up store

There's your daily vitamins!


Greenpeace outdoor

I think it's fake because it comes from Miami Ad School. Nevertheless, it's great!


WWF Magnet

I think the video and image says it all. Awesome!


The impossible pitch

3 interns.
1 mission:
Win Adidas global account.

oh man! you gotta love it. Check them out in impossiblepitch.com


Run Forrest Run

It's fake. But it's cool.

heard in invisiblered.blogspot.com


Ladies and gentlemen...THE FUTURE!

Enough said. You have to see it through your eyes.