3D lightning show

I can't believe how wonderfull this thing is. EASYWEB.FR, a specialized 3d video design studio, using video projection materials adapted are able to give to events an unique artistic value mixing monumental architecture and new technologies.


Can't get any more real than that

Torke Agency made this rackets for National Geographic HD, a channel in the portuguese Cable company. Several were placed in Lisbon and Porto with the tagline, "The World as it is", the rackets were transparent showing, in fact, the world as it is, as seen on the channel. High Definition rules. :p

Great social campaigns

Great copywritting, i mean. Different catches to an always difficult subject.

Here in the first one, an obvious sexual reference. However, the true goal is to be reminded, to pay attention to this ad (maybe more to the punch, but nevertheless). And I think it works.

In this one, we have a curious insight. Picking up an usual catchphrase "...bla bla bla...call this number, or check this site", the creatives thought in the smoking long time effects. So, very straight to the point, "For more information on lung cancer, keep smoking". Oh yeah, you'll get more information.....


Simple and effective

What more to say? Really looks like it. What if it happened to you?


McDonalds celebrates 25 years of Nuggets in 2.0 way

In order to celebrate the Chicken McNuggets 25th anniversary, McDoanld's created the website Nuggnuts.com, an online community for all the nuggets crazy lovers, where they can cast their love for the product posting pictures and videos. The idea is to create a hall of fame for all the nugget lover.

Until the 15th of December, everyone can post on the website the reason why they should be claimed a honorary fan, with their profile published in the hall of fame. Until today, the website has it all: especialists in nuggets sauces, people who ate more than 100 pieces in one night, etc.

My question is: does a community forum created by the brand itself works better than a fan-made? I mean 2.0 wise?


You know how the sales are dont you?

Women become crazy :p nice idea


Stop global warming

Or this will happen to you... AHAHA. Cool stunt for Red Cross from Leo Burnett Buenos Aires.


Improv everywhere welcomes you...

...at a nearby airport. Way cool. I want something like that.
These guys welcomed any given passenger by looking at the usual tags used by drivers and so. Then they prepared the party with that passenger's name. hahhahh. Clever hey?


The real guerrilla marketing

This group of suposed Iraqi War veterans performed this intervention in gas station remembering that the war for oil already cost the live of +4000 US soldiers. Cool idea.

Taken from invisblered.blogspot.com


Quarter-Pounder store. No brand?

Interesting project from McDonalds, this pop-up store in Japan. 2 of this stores appeared in street named simply as Quarter Pounder Store. However, this store only sold 2 kinds of burguers: the quarter pounder with and without chesse. But no brand. Were McDonalds testing something? ;)


Shall we eat? or not?

Does the virtual food fills us up? Think not...


Oh the Third Eye...

In order to promote the meditation school Osho Kivani, some contact lenses packs were sent with an extra compartment, making the connection with The Third Eye (state you can obtain when you practise meditation).

idea and text taken from invisiblered.blogspot.com


Angels & Demons teaser trailer

I've loved the book. I think it's better than the Da Vinci Code.
By looking at this small preview, I think the movie is gonna be also!



Cool...:p the image says it all


Send anything...

We just love over-acting don't we?