Most beautiful video ever?

Maybe, but that's just me. Not a single word is spoken in this 5 min. short, that could be very well be a commercial ad for the camera. Simply wonderfull

A Thousand Words from Ted Chung on Vimeo.


Coca-Cola ad for Superbowl 09'

Everything in this ad is WOW!
The plot is WOW! The cinematography is WOW! Editing is WOW! Budget for media is WOW! for this 1' ad placed in the Superbowl commercials, Coca-Cola payed 6 millions dollars. NEvertheless, gratz to the Wieden+Kennedy Agency

Here is the link


'Singularity' videogame

Think i'm gonna make videogame promotions all my life...


Cadbury's did it again!

After the award-winner Gorilla ad, the eyebrow ad. I think it's a thing with hair.
Nevertheless, joy it's what this is all about! Enjoy.


Stay there!

It's the law...of the glue!


Augmented Reality

The future is now hey? Just check what you can do with a little help from technology. Every aspect in society, from Advertising to Education will gain benefits from this. After all, "Minority Report" isn't too far away.

You can also check more on this subject on Notcot.com, in this link.

e-mailed by Thais. Check her blog too on streetguerrilla.blogspot.com


Best ad placement ever?

One word: LOL! (is it a word already?)

Seen in Cherryflava


So...so true

Oh man. This is brilliant. Simple and straightforward! Love the "icontising" (did i just invented a term?)

seen in "Ai que saudades de bacalhau à braz" blog


We just can't get enough from Improv

Dance away guys!


Resident Evil 5 promotions

It's no secret that i love videogaming. And I love even more the millions spent in promoting those little precious Hollywood-ish games. Seen it in Halo 3 and many others. And now, this webseries created for the classic Resident Evil. Now, the 5th tome. Great! Here is the site and the blog



A different racket...


Amnesty International. Hang....over?

Guerrilla stunt to end capital sentences. Simple and clear!


He's back...

The (now) second most watched video on youtube ever, is back, with more dance and groove. Way to go!


Improv...whitout pants!

Again...here they are. And why not? Tomorrow, January 10th, this performance will be held in the Lisbon subway.


3D is here to stay

After Beowulf and U2 3D documentary, the 3D fever is here to stay. At this year's Superbowl commercials, several spots will be presented in 3D, bringing every live viewer closer to reality.


Have a softer 2009...

hahaaha...their faces!